When it comes to business development, results matter. And my services are designed to produce results. But you don’t have to take my word for it—below is a sampling of the feedback I have received from clients. The work I do with clients is highly confidential so the names have been omitted. Should you wish to speak to someone I work with I would be happy to set up a call.


“As a member of the Board of Directors of my firm, I had been involved in engaging Paula as our business development consultant and following her efforts. Thus, when I first began personally working with Paula I was already aware of how effective she was in improving the business development approaches of a large firm with diverse, but traditional, practice areas. By contrast, I was interested in developing a first of its kind practice niche in the international arena. Paula picked up on my idea and ran with it from the start. She helped me narrow my focus, then came up with a marketing plan including potential target clients, further adapting the plan during implementation. Paula has proven to be not only highly knowledgeable and experienced, but innovative and creative as well.” 

– Commercial Litigator, Large Regional Firm


“When I walked into Paula’s office last year, I didn’t know what to expect. I had never met her and I had my share of skepticism (that probably  goes without saying, being an attorney!). Within minutes of our first meeting, I knew I needed to hire her. I was on a tight budget, as I was preparing to leave my current position and start my own law practice. But something told me I couldn’t afford NOT to hire her. I was right. When I opened the door to Paula’s office, I did not know it then, but I was actually opening countless doors at the same time. Not only did Paula’s support  give me the courage to “go out on my own”, but she immediately began making strategic introductions for me from her immense network of business contacts. Her advice proved invaluable–both professionally and personally. She also understands the challenges that women face in starting and building their law practices. I can’t recommend her services enough. Thinking of retaining her? Do it. The only reason you’ll look back is to see how far you’ve come.”

– Tax Litigator, Small Start-up Firm


“Paula has been instrumental in helping change the trajectory of my career. She has helped me identify my career goals in a specific way, develop a strategic and targeted plan for achieving those goals and assisted me in implementing that plan. Since I have begun working with Paula, my profile both within and outside my firm has been raised tremendously. Both my performance and satisfaction at work have grown as a result of working with Paula.

Paula’s coaching style is holistic… she helps you put your career goals in context with your life goals. Paula wears many hats and plays many roles… advisor, sounding board, cheerleader, etc.… and she knows which role to play when. She constantly asks questions about you, your firm, and your business so that she can give targeted advice regarding practice development, client relations and marketing. She helped me get my career back on track after being stuck in a rut for many years and helped me focus on achieving my long and short-term goals. Working with Paula has been the best career decision I have ever made. I would and have recommended her to others in a heartbeat.”

– Corporate Litigator, Large Global Firm


“Without Paula we wouldn’t be where we are today or be enjoying half of the success that has come our way in the past two years.  Paula was instrumental in getting our management team to envision a bigger future for our firm and plan a strategy to get us there.  She rebranded us in such a way that truly reflects who we are and what we do for our clients.  Our firm has recently been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 500 fastest growing businesses, a recognition that would never have happened without Paula’s assistance.  We are deeply grateful for everything that she has done.”

– Managing Partner, Small Canadian Firm


“Paula has an authentic style of teaching in real world terms the practical tools we all need to understand the “how to” of business development. She broke down the steps I needed to use to evolve from a professional who would just “meet and greet” dozens of people at networking events over the years without any return on the “effort” to one who actually nurtures and deepens those introductions into the kind of genuine relationships that lead to business generation and overall personal and professional growth. Paula’s legal marketing and business development teachings have helped me understand that I am in control of my professional destiny….”

– Corporate Litigator, Large Global Firm


“I have been a partner in a small firm with no background in business management, I learned most of my business development and practice management lessons over time by trial and error, sometimes-at great expense. I finally realized that I needed some help from outside the firm. That is where Paula came in, and that’s why she has been so valuable. Paula has been able to affirm the positive lessons learned and put them in a broader business context, giving perspective and direction toward the growth of our firm. She has helped us to define our firm’s strengths and to build on them, which is a self-affirming process that not only helps crystallize our own vision of the future, but also helps us build forward momentum in achieving it. And, Paula is very good about keeping us on track and steering us away from the poorer habits of mind and practice that sometimes creep in and that have failed us in the past. In short, Paula has helped us develop a clearer, brighter vision of who we are and what we want to achieve, and she has helped us implement manageable processes to do it.”

– Managing Partner, Small Regional Firm


“Working with Paula Black has been an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience for my law firm and me.  She created a business development plan for my law firm that is both realistic and ambitious, which has resulted in a considerable expansion of my client base. What changed for me through working with Paula was not my lawyering style or quality of representation of my clients- she changed my perspective of who my clients could be.”

– Criminal Defense, Small Firm


“Paula Black has been my professional GPS, providing me with clarity, honest feedback and entrepreneurial insights in developing my career. I do not make a step without consulting her.  I am confident in reaching my intended destination with her guidance.”

– Managing Partner, Small Firm


“Working with Paula has allowed me to see the value I can contribute to clients, which in turn, provides value to me in more quality clients. Paula forces you to consider the practice you (really) want and how to get there by providing her wisdom, insight, experience and helps you to create a plan for your career and (if you are a solo like me) your law firm. She is that “coach” that we should all have to keep on our proverbial career path as lawyers.”

– Maritime, Small Firm


“Paula is a valuable strategic asset to any small firm.  She is more than just an effective one-person marketing department. She is a great listener, and is quickly able to understand and assess a firm’s core values, strengths, weaknesses, and goals and as a result, her ideas are right on target and she is often able to see a path to a goal where a path was not visible before.  Paula is accessible and dedicated, and she has a remarkable ability to formulate marketing goals and help her clients reach them.”

– Real Estate, Small Firm


“Working with Paula has made me more confident in my experience, my abilities and myself.  She helped me see things from others’ perspectives and shown me that business development can be done in a very natural, true-to-self way.  Paula enabled me to let go of worrying about what might happen if I do this or that and to just go with it and be real.” 

– Construction, Large Regional Firm


Clarity – that is the one word I always utter after I meet with Paula. She has such a unique way of enlightening you and helping you to filter through your own thoughts and at times nonsense that may be holding you back from stepping into your own greatness. Paula has such a warm and welcoming disposition so when she challenges you, you don’t feel stupid, and you just know that she is challenging you to think about things in a different way.  Paula has not only helped me with my business but her own life experiences have helped me to view and address my life experiences from a new perspective. I treasure the time and conversations I have with Paula and recommend her to everyone I can.”

– Employment, Small Firm


The work I do with clients is highly confidential so the names have been omitted. Should you wish to speak to someone I work with I would be happy to set up a call.