One of the best things to do on a regular basis is to look outside the legal profession to find a fresh perspective on things, anything from operations to HR practices and certainly business development. Gay Gaddis, contributor to Forbes Magazine addresses entrepreneurs in many industries in this article entitled,  3 Networking Tips To

Lawyers who reject the necessity of networking to one’s career and book of business may forever be dependent on others to feed them. There are many lawyers who bury themselves in work and sometimes busy work just to avoid not having to attend a networking event. Does this sound familiar? Well… I have good news

You don’t have to build a referral base through a Bar Association only. Look around your everyday life and make networking fit in.

This week we asked: Where have your best referrals come from?

1) Professional Organizations (Bar Associations, ect…) – 19%

2) Personal Causes – 26%

3) Community Organizations/ Schools – 13%

4) Neither

I often find myself counseling clients who have trouble committing to organizations. In fact, if I had a dollar for every client who joined the local Bar Association and then called it a day I would be…well, I’d be a wealthy consultant. One of my main goals in working with a new client is to

After 15 years of working with both individual lawyers and firms there has never been one strategy that could work for all. The strategies are as varied as the individuals implementing them. For some, "thinking outside the box" is the route to follow, while others fare better when focusing on the basics. Taking into account

Frustrated with Bar Association networking? Forget the Bar Associations…look for networking opportunities in your daily life will make you happier, calmer and more productive in marketing and business development.

This week we asked: Are you looking for networking opportunities in your everyday life?

1. Yes – 29%

2. No – 26%

3. Sometimes – 45%

It seems I always come back to the number one complaint from my clients: they don’t have time to network. With work, family and friends, making time to attend industry functions comes in last place. But who said networking and relationship building had to fit only into your work life? Not me. There are plenty

A long list of organizations may look impressive to some, but how much is it really helping your marketing and business development?

This week we asked: How many organizations do you take an active leadership role in?

1. None – 0%

2. 1-3 – 72%

3. 4-6 – 0%

4. 7-10 – 28%

5. More

As with our business card discussion at the beginning of this series, when it comes to joining organizations more is sometimes simply…more? It may look great on a resume to list 25 organizations to which you’re a member, but for business development purposes it isn’t doing much. Now look over the list of professional and