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Your Next Bold Move: 7 Tips To Reach Success

Posted in Inspired Thought
Are you pre-programed with what you SHOULD do? With no room for what you WANT to do? Has complacency set in and you’re just going through the motions? Is complacency sucking the oxygen out of your dreams, your courage and your passion? I have the great privilege of working with lawyers. And I know too well,… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: FOLLOW-UP

Posted in Business Development
Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up! Next to doing something every single day… follow-up is the next most important thing you can do to succeed at business development. Be honest… on a scale of 1-10 how good are you when it comes to follow-up?  Do you need some follow-up ideas? I ran across a blog post by my… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Your Website

Posted in Branding and Positioning
 I ran across a great blog post at Lawyerist… Checklist for Creating a Great Law Firm Website. They remind us that planning in advance is essential to a successful website. Lawyerist zeros in on some great points for small firms and solos… here are a few: Determine your market and define your unique selling proposition. I would… Continue Reading