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Legal Business Development: What Is Your Big Goal?

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Inspired Thought
What do you want? Yes, that’s a pretty big question for lawyers since most would start by explaining… “That depends…” I think Forbes contributor, Bruce Kasanoff who ghostwrites articles for entrepreneurs, and speaks about bringing out talent in others has a great bit of advice. Kasanoff explains… To paraphrase a bit, a professional recently wrote me… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Consider Not Setting Goals?

Posted in Developing A Strategic Plan
Consider not setting goals? Heresy! Why would Peter Bregman, contributor to the Harvard Business Review write such a thing? He’s the master of getting things done, focusing, prioritizing, etc. Remember that he’s the author of 18 Minute: Find Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done. This shatters what we’ve been taught since grade school. Why?… Continue Reading