Do you ever find yourself asking any of these questions?

  1. “I’m a damn good lawyer. So why am I not getting clients?”
  2. “I need to develop business, but I don’t know where to start.”
  3. “I’m not an extrovert. So how do I get clients?”
  4. “I’m the only rainmaker in my firm. I need some help.”
  5. “I don’t like the type of work I’m doing. How can I move in another direction?”

Does this sound familiar? If you’re asking these questions or facing these challenges, I have a few solutions!

In today’s world, it is harder than ever for law firms and lawyers to attract and retain loyal clients. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone — if you’re serious about growing your practice, I can help!

I offer a wide variety of business development services, including:

Coaching: Business Development

This one-on-one coaching program will focus on your unique needs, and we will put into place the clear concrete tasks that will help you accomplish these goals. On an ongoing basis, we will explore and leverage the opportunities that continually present themselves. Areas of focus include:

  1. Creating and maximizing your individual personal brand as well as leveraging the firm brand… so that you are KNOWN for something!
  2. Maximizing your credibility and increasing your visibility… the life-blood of a successful practice!
  3. Identifying primary and secondary target markets… so you can narrow your focus!
  4. Building and maximizing a referral base… the power of 3rd party endorsements!
  5. Create a system to work your referral base… staying “top of mind!”
  6. Maximizing every client engagement… creating raving fans!
  7. Making the ASK part of the process… increasing referrals and additional matters!
  8. Building relationships with people who are influencers… extend your reach!
  9. Developing a system to becoming a “trusted advisor”… be the first one called for ANY legal matter!
  10. Creating a habit of marketing and business development… the foundation by which everything else is built!
  11. And much more!

Consulting: Strategic Planning for Small and Mid-Size Law Firms

Consulting is for those lawyers, practice teams, committees, and entire firms grappling with change and growth. The question is… “will the best practices of the past get you where you want to go?” It is very likely the answer is NO. Not because of your methodology… but because the profession has changed. The world has changed. And a law firm needs to adapt to thrive in this new environment. To adapt… it starts with a strategic plan.

This sounds easy… it is far from it! It takes focus, commitment and an appetite for change. If your firm fits that description, I can help! I will collaborate with you to explore possibilities… the obvious and the outrageous— and everything in between. We will define the goals and set objectives. We will get into action with measureable results.

We will identify key issues such as:

  1. Practice area opportunities.
  2. Market opportunities.
  3. Achieving dominance in an area or two.
  4. Building a firm focused on business development.
  5. Succession planning.
  6. And many more.

Seminars, Workshops, Retreats, and Meetings

A law firm seminar, workshop, or retreat can be the perfect setting to ensure that your entire team is on the same page. Some of my most popular topics for retreats and meetings include:

Personal Branding… Be a Celebrity in Your Own World.

Working with Your Team Strengths… Hunting in a Pack.

Grow Your Practice… Common Sense Strategies

What would you like to build: A Traditional Law Firm or a Lifestyle Law Firm?

“You Had Me A Hello”… It’s All About Your Personal Brand.

Black Box Publishing

For lawyers a book can be a point of differentiation that sets you apart. And I can help you get your book published. From concept to printing, from Amazon listing to fulfillment… I can help!

Bar Association Presentations

Wondering how to grow your Bar association? I can help! Topics include:

Increasing Bar Membership… It’s About Creating Value

You’re on the Board… How Do You Leverage This Opportunity?

Branding & Positioning

A strong brand facilitates name recognition.

Building a brand requires a strong graphic concept, consistency and repetition of that image and message so that the brand personality becomes clear in the mind of the audience. The elements must have visual impact and the message must resonate to make a lasting impression.

My years of experience in branding and positioning, combined with my in-depth knowledge of the legal professional, give me the ability to create a strategy that will set you apart from other firms and will tap in to your unique firm capabilities and culture. From your firm logo and letterhead to brochures and your website… send a powerful firm message via strong, creative visuals.