Marketing Time Commitment

“I don’t have time!” I hear that over and over again. Often times, after lawyers complain about not having time we go on to discuss their business development initiatives and almost each and every time they divulge to me little and big things they are doing that don’t make sense that he or she is

Welcome back! On Tuesday we kicked off our weekly poll with the question: How much time do you actually spend marketing each week?


  1. More than 120 minutes – 32%
  2. 60-120 minutes – 27%
  3. 15-60 minutes – 21%
  4. Less than 15 minutes – 8%
  5. None – 11%

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s

Welcome! Today I start my first blog… it reminds me a little bit of the first day of school… I hope all my friends are here and am looking forward to meeting new ones.

With this new forum I would like to open a conversation on… you guessed it… marketing, branding and business development, as