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Your Next Bold Move: 7 Tips To Reach Success

Posted in Inspired Thought
Are you pre-programed with what you SHOULD do? With no room for what you WANT to do? Has complacency set in and you’re just going through the motions? Is complacency sucking the oxygen out of your dreams, your courage and your passion? I have the great privilege of working with lawyers. And I know too well,… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: What Is Your Big Goal?

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Inspired Thought
What do you want? Yes, that’s a pretty big question for lawyers since most would start by explaining… “That depends…” I think Forbes contributor, Bruce Kasanoff who ghostwrites articles for entrepreneurs, and speaks about bringing out talent in others has a great bit of advice. Kasanoff explains… To paraphrase a bit, a professional recently wrote me… Continue Reading

Who has had an impacted on your life?

Posted in Inspired Thought
Who has had an impacted on your life? Oftentimes people come into our lives and at the time it seems insignificant, just another day, just another person. But when we look back there are those special people that made a world of difference… and in some instances they didn’t even know how they contributed to… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: The Meek Shall NOT Inherit The Earth!

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Inspired Thought
To be a strong business developer you don’t have to be a shark… but meek won’t do either! People hire those that are confident in what the do and know, and make no apologies for it. Inc. magazine’s staff writer, Abigail Tracy attended the National Association of Professional Women conference where the keynote speaker was Barbara… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Accountability to Yourself

Posted in Developing A Strategic Plan, Inspired Thought, Marketing Time Commitment
Accountability. I know you understand the importance of accountability to others, otherwise you wouldn’t be as successful as you are. But… I suspect that when it comes to accountability to yourself, you’re not quite as masterful. It’s not easy! You make plans and 15 minutes later they’re derailed by circumstances beyond your control… this happens to… Continue Reading

Speaking: 7 Key Strategies That Make A Difference

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Increasing Credibility, Increasing Visibility, Inspired Thought
Last week I made a speech about making a speech. I first asked the audience to raise their hands if they give speeches on a regular basis, how many do it occasionally, how many lead meetings, how many share their expertise with their colleagues and clients. As you can imagine more and more hands were… Continue Reading

“I Am, Because of You”

Posted in Inspired Thought
In the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life we learned an African word… “ubuntu.” It is defined as “I am, because of you.” Of all the stories I heard in the steady stream of heart felt illustrations, there is one story that stands out…Take 15 minutes to listen to this TED Talk, a very special illustration… Continue Reading

Do You Love What You Do?

Posted in Inspired Thought
There is no greater gift than to be able to do what you love. When people talk about their work as a passion, they often say that they would do it even if they were not paid. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their clients and colleagues feel it. Do you love what you’re doing… or do… Continue Reading