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Legal Business Development: Are You Running a “Feast or Famine” Practice?

Posted in Building Relationships, Business Development, Increasing Visibility
Are you running a “feast or famine” practice? If you are overwhelmed with work and have no time to develop business… then when you’re finished with the work at hand there is nothing on the horizon… THAT my friend is a feast or famine practice. And to tell you the truth, I see this with… Continue Reading

Speaking: 7 Key Strategies That Make A Difference

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Increasing Credibility, Increasing Visibility, Inspired Thought
Last week I made a speech about making a speech. I first asked the audience to raise their hands if they give speeches on a regular basis, how many do it occasionally, how many lead meetings, how many share their expertise with their colleagues and clients. As you can imagine more and more hands were… Continue Reading