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Speaking: 7 Key Strategies That Make A Difference

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Increasing Credibility, Increasing Visibility, Inspired Thought
Last week I made a speech about making a speech. I first asked the audience to raise their hands if they give speeches on a regular basis, how many do it occasionally, how many lead meetings, how many share their expertise with their colleagues and clients. As you can imagine more and more hands were… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: A Positive Attitude Is An Essential Ingredient

Posted in Building Relationships, Business Development, Developing A Strategic Plan, Increasing Credibility, Inspired Thought
A positive attitude is an essential ingredient for success. I’m not talking about a dreamer’s attitude. I’m talking about the confidence and enthusiasm for building relationships that will grow your practice. Do you need a little boost? Inc. Magazine contributor Geoffrey James writes… 8 Ways to Improve Your Attitude – A positive attitude make success… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: 10 Tips To Turbo-Charge Your Charisma

Posted in Building Relationships, Increasing Credibility, Inspired Thought
Charisma. Webster defines it as: a special magnetic charm or appeal. Some think you either have it or you don’t. I believe it’s a skill you can hone, because it’s more about how we treat people than anything else. Inc Magazine contributor, Jeff Haden writes… 10 Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People, He says that, “charisma isn’t something… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Delight Your Clients!

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Business Development, Increasing Credibility, Inspired Thought
Everyone has had an experience with someone who has given service that delights you. Someone who went beyond the call-of-duty. AND it is an experience that you remember, and often talk about over and over again. So I ask you… are you delighting your clients or are you simply going through the motions? Merrilyn Astin… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Lawyers Are Achievers… But Respected is Another Question

Posted in Increasing Credibility
Lawyers are achievers… that is for certain. But are they respected? David DiSalvo, a contributor to Forbes Magazine writes… The Five Hallmarks of Highly Respected Achievers. When I read it I thought… If this isn’t for lawyers… I don’t know what is! Disalvo describes his writing as… science, technology, and the cultural ripples of both. He… Continue Reading