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Legal Business Development: How Does Your Practice Fit Into Your Life?

Posted in Building Relationships, Business Development, Developing A Strategic Plan, Inspired Thought
“Success” means nothing if it comes at the expense of your life. Define what it is you want in your life both personally and professionally. Dream as though there were no obstacles. And redefine success for yourself. Your dreams may seem impossible at the moment, but ask yourself… why not? I’m sure you will come… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: 8 Ways to Turbo Charge Your Productivity

Posted in Building Relationships, Business Development, Inspired Thought, Marketing Time Commitment
I don’t know a lawyer that isn’t trying to squeeze more out of every single day… maximum productivity. We would all like to find a silver bullet… the answer to the demanding obligations we have in our lives. Jeff Haden contributor to Inc. Magazine wrote… 14 Simple Ways to Get Considerably More Done. It’s an… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Your Firm Culture Can Make All The Difference

Posted in Business Development, Inspired Thought
Firm culture… It can foster business development or it can thwart it. Consider all the different aspects of your firm that your culture influences. Jeff Haden, contributor to Inc. Magazine, highlights Dharmesh Shah, the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot who knows exactly how valuable a strong firm culture can be to your success. 1. Culture… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Be A Master Relationship Builder

Posted in Building Relationships, Business Development
Few would argue that the core of legal business development is… relationships. How you build them, nurture them and value them is the difference between lawyers who are serious about building a successful practice and others who just give it lip service. Inc. Magazine contributor Minda Zetlin looks inside the success of Mobile Deluxe, a… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: GCs Are Using Social Media to Hire Law Firms

Posted in Branding and Positioning, Building Relationships, Business Development
GCs are using social media to hire law firms. Could it be? The answer is YES according to John Cory, the founder of GreenTarget. The big takeaway is… blogs are a credible source of information, and Linkedin is a place to connect and create relationships. If you are focused on General Counsel, take the time… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Lessons From A Consumer Brand Expert

Posted in Business Development
What can legal business developers learn from a consumer brand expert? Forbes Magazine contributor Patrick Spenner points out in his article that engagement is important however the new frontier in 2013 for consumer brands is… SIMPLICITY. As you know the legal profession is behind when it comes to adapting to trends… some lawyers are still not… Continue Reading