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Legal Business Development: Are Your Firm’s Strengths Becoming Weaknesses?

Posted in Developing A Strategic Plan, Inspired Thought
Experience success and it’s like a drug… you want more. Success in your law firm is much the same. Whatever got you there, you put into high gear to get you more. Whether it is building relationships with big corporate clients or lateral hires that bring a book of business, oftentimes the strategies that once [&hellip… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Fear of Failure

Posted in Developing A Strategic Plan
When we think of the strengths of lawyers it’s generally: achiever, perfectionist, communicator, competitive, strategist and the list goes on. What these strengths have in common is… failure is not an option! But, how do you define failure? In the article in Harvard Business Review By Peter Simms… The No.1 Enemy of Creativity: Fear of [&hellip… Continue Reading