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Legal Business Development: Fear of Failure

Posted in Developing A Strategic Plan
When we think of the strengths of lawyers it’s generally: achiever, perfectionist, communicator, competitive, strategist and the list goes on. What these strengths have in common is… failure is not an option! But, how do you define failure? In the article in Harvard Business Review By Peter Simms… The No.1 Enemy of Creativity: Fear of [&hellip… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Consider Not Setting Goals?

Posted in Developing A Strategic Plan
Consider not setting goals? Heresy! Why would Peter Bregman, contributor to the Harvard Business Review write such a thing? He’s the master of getting things done, focusing, prioritizing, etc. Remember that he’s the author of 18 Minute: Find Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done. This shatters what we’ve been taught since grade school. Why? [&hellip… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Your Personal Brand – Build it and They Will Come.

Posted in Branding and Positioning
Your personal brand… as Kevin O’Keefe, suggests… Will save you as a lawyer. Most lawyers can’t conceive of themselves as a brand. But, let me tell you… YOU already have a personal brand! And I guarantee… 99.9% never give it a thought. What does your personal brand represent to the world? Is it substantive? Why should you [&hellip… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: SUCCESS

Posted in Inspired Thought
Success… what does it mean to YOU? The big ones are obvious… there are diplomas, titles, big houses, fancy cars and exotic trips to remind you that you have achieved the BIG one. Then there are those small successes that we don’t often stop to celebrate. The client was VERY impressed with your work, you [&hellip… Continue Reading